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  • Shopping has no borders.

    We make abroad products accessible to everyone by breaking down borders.


    Our Mission

    • Deliver WOW through cross-border online shopping service

  • Our Organization

    Intercommerce Korea founded in September 2009. But our cross-border shopping agent service was begun in February 2002. We are mainly South Korea-based company but our global service has shipping networks from USA, UK, Germany, China, Japan.


    Intercommerce Global Branches: ​

    • INTERCOMMER KOREA CO., LTD. (Seoul, South Korea)​
    • INTERCOMMERCE CA INC. (California, USA)​
    • INTERCOMMERCE JAPAN INC. (Tokyo, Japan)​



  • Core Values

    Love Customer

    Go Global

    Make it Easy

  • Our Services

    ebay.auction.co.kr 옥션 이베이쇼핑(옥베이)

    이베이코리아(옥션) 제휴 eBay 공식 해외직구 구매대행 서비스

    eBay is the world's biggest marketplace and the ebay.auction.co.kr site is an agent service for Korean customers who want to buy products on eBay. This is easy as one click shopping as we handle all processes, such as global payment, express shipping, customs, etc.

    This site is connected with Auction(www.auction.co.kr) which is eBay Korea.

    Selling Agent for China/Hongkong eBay Sellers

    We do sell eBay China/Hongkong top seller's products on Korean online markets Gmarket/Auction/G9.

    We act as a middleman between sellers and markets. You can see our products here: http://minishop.gmarket.co.kr/globalbrandshop

    eBayShopKorea is a marketing site for Korean eBay Sellers. This site is owned by 'eBay Korea' and maintained by Intercommerce.

    This site is for Indonesian buyers who want to buy from ebay.com. We have provided essential platform and assistance to fulfill this cross-border service to the Indonesian market.


  • Meet Our Team

    Introducing Our Leaders

    Kooseong Jeong


    Myungchan Kim


    Mihee Kim


    Kyungok Kang

    Finance Team Leader

    Yongho Kim

    Sales Team Leader

    Heeje Kim

    Service OP Team 1 Leader

    Yongjae Jeong

    Design Team Leader

    Seho Choi

    Customer Service Team Leader

    Yongwoo Jeong

    Spain Team Leader

    Changwon Jeon

    Spain Branch Manager

    Seri Baek

    Service OP Team 2 Leader

    Kurt Kim

    US Branch Manager

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    At Intercommerce, we are looking for individuals who are willing to take on challenges and work in a dynamic and high-performance environment.

    We’re excited to discover the unique skills and perspectives that you can bring to Intercommerce.


    Send your Resume at any time: jobs@itrcomm.com


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    이베이쇼핑 고객센터 문의:


    Tel. 1544-1007

    email. aucbay@itrcomm.com


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